Amazon Opens First Staffed College Campus Store

Today Amazon seeks to increase its brand strategy even farther by beginning to enter college campuses, where a large demographic of their customers are already living. It celebrated its first college campus opening today at Purdue University where students can not only pick up ordered textbooks but also almost anything else from the mammoth retailer and have it delivered to Purdue University where they can pick it up through self-serve lockers or an actual Amazon employee.

The new service is convenient and quite easy to use as well. Students simply visit This allows students to find what textbooks are needed for their classes via a Purdue badge with the school’s logo on it, as well as any other Amazon item, plus Campus Prime-Eligble items that are able to be picked up in only twenty-four hours! Then, once the student checks out they simply click “Amazon@Purdue” as they’re preferred shipping location.

This campus location is the first of many more campus stores Amazon has planned. They already plan to open an additional physical desk on Purdue’s campus for this Spring. Amazon also plans to expand the free one-day shipping option to students once the new expansion opens.

The expansion of Amazon to college campus is an interesting prospect that seems like a no-brainer for college students, Amazon, and the colleges themselves. College students get a convenient way to get their textbooks at reasonable prices with additional convenience of picking them, and almost anything else they could want, right on campus. The colleges themselves receive a small portion of the revenue made through the new service. And Amazon’s convenience will lure students into its new on-campus services. It seems like a win-win for all.

Written by: Paul Savage, Jr.

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